Time To Get Hitched

1 40So the question’s been popped, the preparation starts now, and you will no doubt be starting to get a little plan together as to how you want your day to unfold.Your big day will whizz past, and before you know it you’ll be shaking off stray bits of confetti in the hotel room.

So when deciding on a suitable time for your ceremony, it’s always a good idea to map your day out and allocate timings, this will ensure you best utilise what precious time you have.

It’s not much of an issue if you are getting married and having the reception in the same place, but if you are marrying in a church and moving to another venue, then there are many factors to consider when choosing your time.

For example, if you are employing a toastmaster, you will probably be wanting them to arrange a receiving line ( both the coordinator & myself will try and persuade you not to…i’ll elaborate more on this later in the blog)anyway.. this on average takes around 20 – 25 mins (depending on the size of your party). Once everyone has received a peck on the cheek or a sturdy handshake, 30 mins will have elapsed, and had you not allocated this time,it would have eaten into valuable drinking time and the chance for extra pictures.

So, The best way to find your perfect ceremony time is to work backwards, starting at when you would like your evening guests to arrive. I have put an example together using a previous wedding I have attended, where it was  decided to take the majority of the photos at the venue rather than the church.
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7pm onwards – guests arrive

6.30pm – Speeches

4.30pm – Dinner is served

4.00pm – Receiving line

2.30pm – Photos, mingling and quaffing the bubbly

2.00pm – leave church on route to venue after being photographed & peppered in confetti

1.00pm – Ceremony (approx 40 mins)

Bride – 12.30 – Leave for church (approx 20 mins)

Groom – Fry up, get scrubbed up, get to the church in good time

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