Things That (Nearly Always) Happen At A Wedding (No. 2)

2) There is always one 

From making bunny ears behind the grooms head, to coughing during the “if anyone objects, you must declare it now…” there will always be “one” at your wedding day.

From the one who always shouts “don’t jump” at me when i take the group shot from a high vantage point, to the one who chips in with some sexual innuendo during a speech. Every wedding has one, and lets face it, even if the humour is an acquired taste, by breaking the formalities relaxes everyone and makes for a good conversation opener “what is He like eh!” (…its always a he)…see if you can spot the one from Tara & Lawrence’s wedding.

Comments (2)

  1. Rob Tudor

    This is hilarious and well captured. Did nobody really notice what was going on? Did you notice when you took the shot?
    Love your black and whites by the way!