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25 Years of Capturing Love

Join me on a 25-year journey of capturing love and gaining invaluable experience as a wedding photographer. Get expert tips for your big day, along with stunning photos and venue recommendations.

25 Years of Capturing Love

I Will Be Blogging More, I Will Be Blogging More, I Will…

Right, an apology… blog… Ihave neglected you, unforgivable, especially with all the beautiful weddings I have been lucky enough to photograph. My promise to you is to play catch up and fill you with a bundle of gorgeousness, images to inspire with ideas for future Brides and Groom to pilfer. […]

The Madhouse

It’s always nice to be told that my arrival has caused butterflies to flutter around a brides tummy and as much as I like to convince myself it was all due to my chiselled looks… cough… the truth of the matter is that the arrival of your trusty wedding photographer signals its all […]

Things That (Nearly Always) Happen At A Wedding (No. 1)

Up until the early 90’s, your day at a wedding followed a formulaic agenda – pop on suit/dress you originally bought for a job interview -mime the hymns- apply your best toothy smile for the group pictures – make way to community centre – quaff sparkling vino – sway to dancing queen, slow […]

Honeymooning Advice – Enjoy Every Moment

The pressies have been opened, the left over cake sits on the table side and the once gleaming wedding dress is hanging on the door, showing the remnants of uncle bobs clumsy wine spillage. Post wedding blues will no doubt be soothed by the thought of that poolside cocktail you’ll soon be […]

Wedding Speech Preparation Advice

When you lot are not getting married, I work alongside a rabble of journalists, where my job is to film and photograph participants who use our studios to practise delivering presentations. In recent years a high profile client of ours was Nick Clegg, who we helped in preparing for the first ever […]

Things That (Nearly Always) Happen At A Wedding (No. 2)

2) There is always one  From making bunny ears behind the grooms head, to coughing during the “if anyone objects, you must declare it now…” there will always be “one” at your wedding day. From the one who always shouts “don’t jump” at me when i take the group shot […]

Group Photographs in Weddings – How To Love Them

Group shots (depending on your way of thinking) are an integral part of the day or a necessary evil. If your thinking is of the later, it is largely due to experiencing a photographer at a past wedding who hasn’t managed their time efficiently. Group shots that are done swiftly, and with minimum […]

Things That (Nearly Always) Happen At A Wedding (No 3)

3.  The wedding anthems you wont be able to avoid Our musical tastes are playing an ever more prominent roll on the big day. You may smoochy dance to “chasing cars” or sign the register with a live lounge/John lewis advert type tune. Savvy couples are not only giving the red […]

Opt For The Minimum Wedding Buffet Available – Money Saving Tip

       So it’s Friday night, sat in a curry house and your patting the belly in a homer simpson style after devouring a nice lamb dansak, now cast an eye over the table, I’m guessing there’s left over bhaji’s, a few nan breads, and half a plate of sag aloo… […]

Time To Get Hitched

So the question’s been popped, the preparation starts now, and you will no doubt be starting to get a little plan together as to how you want your day to unfold.Your big day will whizz past, and before you know it you’ll be shaking off stray bits of confetti in the hotel room. […]