Opt For The Minimum Wedding Buffet Available – Money Saving Tip

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So it’s Friday night, sat in a curry house and your patting the belly in a homer simpson style after devouring a nice lamb dansak, now cast an eye over the table, I’m guessing there’s left over bhaji’s, a few nan breads, and half a plate of sag aloo… you’ve over ordered haven’t you!

A common mistake we all make but if you substitute the curry for a wedding buffet, it can also be a costly mistake.

The wedding buffet is essentially self service Canapés, a little top up for your guests to nibble at and will only be laid out for an hour due to waitresses eager to get home health and safety guidelines.

Day guests will have a 3 course dinner satisfying the tummy and the evening guests will have no doubt eaten before they came out, so my advice is to save your pennies by opting for the minimum buffet available, the venues bin men will thank you for it.

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