Wedding day storytelling – Examples of how I picture your day:

Bridal Madhouse: For the bride, this is likely to be the first experience of WDMT (wedding day meantime) having awoken at the crack of dawn – no alarm required – only to discover in the blink of an eye it’s already 10 am! Where has all the time gone?

Pop the music tv channel on and clear some space for the stylists fridge-sized cosmetics case. Soon the room will be filled excited chatter and a hair spray mist (and remember airport rules apply here: it’s never too early to crack open a bottle of bubbly).

Gallant Groomsmen: The huge brekkie, praying your best man’s speech will err on the right side of friendship-defining character assassination, with slight apprehension about whether “That night in Magaluf” gets mentioned, the googling of “how to tie a cravat”, excessive aftershave will be applied, a hip flask will appear, and suddenly lads, this will all start to feel a bit real.

Last Moments of Singledom: So here we all are – your Last moments of singledom. You’re all scrubbed up and ready to go. Butterflies flutter, guests take their seats, ties are straightened, last hugs & squeezes are given… let’s do this!

Tying the Knot: A short briefing about where to throw the confetti, a polite warning to pop phones on silent before everyone stands to welcome the bridal party. Queue the music… You greet each other with loving smiles – always one of my favourite shots – there’s some mild blubbing from auntie Sue, the best man checks pocket for rings for only the 17th time, but all you can think about is how amazing your partner looks. You’ve done exceptionally well for yourself. Well done!

Mr & Mrs / Mrs & Mrs / Mr & Mr: And there it is, you are now officially one of the worlds newest newlyweds. Once the formalities are completed and you’ve signed the register, you will then walk arm in arm down the aisle, your beaming smiles captured forever by the throng of camera phones.

Grouping Together: This is where your trusty wedding photographer earns his crust, the metaphorical herding of cats otherwise known as your wedding party. They are a thirsty bunch, swift action is needed, no dilly-dallying. All your favourite people, in one place, looking your very best before ties can be loosened and canapés quaffed.

All the Trimmings: All those fine details captured for posterity, the cake toppers, the personalised signs, the favours, everything you’ve spent time lovingly curating (and all in painful detail on the 10 page excel spreadsheet you can now ceremoniously burn) – it’s all come together.

Tears, Toasts & Hosts with the Mosts: The childhood teddy bear held for all to see by dad, the recalling of the first date… THAT story about Magaluf! the choked-up, rarely expressed messages of love, all washed down in a sea of bubbles, held aloft then chugged in unison… cheers!

Cheek to Cheek: “Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars, place your hand on my beating heart, I’m thinking out loud” – Chris de Burgh has been roundly shoved aside for the ginger fella, if I was offered a bet to choose just one song that the newlyweds will go cheek to cheek to, then I would clean up picking Ed’s song from 2014.

Evening Shenanigans: Then onto the dancefloor – will there be a conga? Will someone break out their 80’s breakdance moves? Probably. Will the DJ stick to the “suggested” playlist and will that one person stop requesting the Dj play a totally inappropriate UK grime track? Probably not – and then you hear it – the 5 first bars of “Happy” by Pharrell burst out signalling the Evening is now GO GO GO… added with the fresh energy of the evening arrivals, you now have yourself a party.

And here’s to you, the beautiful couple. What a day, and what a night! Here’s to you and you brilliant new life together… Cheers!