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Flip Flop Tree – Come the evening, chances are those Jimmy Choo’s will start to work there way into the ankles. Why not bulk buy some flip flops (in different colours and sizes) so the ladies can throw some shapes on the dance-floor pain free.

Readings – Religious readings are forbidden during civil ceremonies, so why not instead customise your favourite song or even use some quotes from a film… probably best though to steer clear of Prodigy songs and Tarantino movies.

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Table names – Using photographs instead of name cards makes for a great ice breaker. With the advent of social networking sites and picture sharing websites, it’s easier to acquire pictures of your guests…especially embarrassing ones.

Preserving your cake – Wrap the cake really well with plastic film, then cover with tin foil (don’t just use foil because it will leave a metallic taste) then store at the back of your freezer where the temperature remains constant (only works of course with fruit cake).

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Table Cameras – Why bother! Its extra expense and the small ratio of pictures that do come out are usually low quality and grainy. A better idea is to ask all your guests to put the images they have of the day onto CD for you. You could provide the blank CDs on the table or maybe sending them along with your thank you cards.

Music – The organist will usually take care of the music in the church, but some are open to having your own choice of music during the signing of the register. Pachelbel – Canon in D is a very popular choice for non-religious ceremonies but you can choose your own, though they will not allow any songs or readings that have religious connotations. Quick note: It’s always worth testing out your CDs at the venue prior to the wedding, especially if you are using CDRs.

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First Dance – Most DJs will play a few more slow songs after your first dance, so give your DJ a selection of favourites to avoid the having to dance to that dreaded Chris de Burgh song.

PWML – Post Wedding Memory Loss is a common side effect on the morning after your big day but if you allow yourselves a moment during the evening to stand aside and find a quiet spot where the pair of you can step back just to take everything in, then you will at least have a cherished memory that wont get lost in all the euphoria.

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The Big Exit – With all the changes to wedding etiquette over the years, one tradition that’s remained and is truly worth observing is leaving a bit before the end. You will have all your friends and family waving you goodbye and it provides such a fitting finale to wrap up your big day.

Wedding Pressies – Before you start ripping open all the pressies, make sure you write down who gave what gift (you would be surprised how many brides and grooms tell me they forgot to do this).

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