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If by some slim chance you haven’t heard of it… go to the site and type in “wedding ideas”… a digital smorgasbord of all things weddings awaits.
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Flip Flop, Don’t Stop

The Jimmy Choo’s may start to work into the ankles come the evening. A popular remedy for this at previous weddings has been a basket of flip flops, allowing you ladies to throw some pain free shapes on the dance-floor.

flip flop

You know the wedding magazines “countdown to the wedding” to do lists  ignore them, they are a load of ole baloney and will just cause you unnecessary anxiety.


Have a bit of fun with this, why not have someone read out your favourite film scene or customise a special song (I got my uncle to read “something changed” by Pulp). It’s worth noting that civil ceremonies don’t permit religious readings, and it’s best not to heed this advice if your favourite films are by Tarantino!

Wedding Speech Advice

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Receiving Lines

I have always been a bit puzzled to why this tradition is still observed, you have to set aside at least 20 odd minutes of drinking time just to say hello to people you’ve already said hello to… so bizarre. Let your venue co-ordinator know you don’t want to do a receiving line & observe the warm glow on their face.

Wedding Buffet Advice

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Table Cameras

Only supply these if you have a need for barely decipherable, fuzzy pictures of each dinner course and guests’ undercarriages.

Honeymooning Advice

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Honeymooning Advice

Who to Invite / Who Not to Invite

By far the trickiest part of the wedding preparations.

Mrs Waymont and I both have humungous families, so at our wedding we had to make a compromise. Aunts & uncles were invited to spend the day & and we would invite the cousins to join us for the evening.

Our venue had a 150 limit, so we had to leave various guests who should have been there, off the list… This is the only regret we have from our wedding… particularly as most of the cousins didn’t turn up!

My advice, invite everyone to the evening, regardless of size & venue restrictions (they won’t be counting). You won’t regret the people that are there… but you might regret the ones that weren’t.

First Dance

Ed Sheeran has in the last couple of years been the king of first dance, this kinda depresses me a bit…apologies, just “thinking out loud”.

Wedding Anthems

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PWML – Post Wedding Memory Loss

A common side effect on the morning after a big day, you’ll be piecing together certain moments thanks to your mate’s selfies and video snippets of you bellowing out “Why don’t you come on over valllllerrrie” but it’ll still be a bit of a blur. So, if you can find a moment to sneak off, have a little kiss & cuddle and observe all your friends and family goofing off, that one moment will make a memory for the two of you to share.

The Big Exit

(applicable only if you are not staying at your wedding venue). One wedding day tradition that I think is truly worth observing is leaving a bit before the end, arranging the car to pick you up maybe 15 mins before the DJ drops “New York, New York” will have all your “merry” friends & family waving you off, giving you that fitting finale to the best day of your life.

GOOD EGGS – Lovely people I trust to enhance your day

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