Things That (Nearly Always) Happen At A Wedding (No 3)

3.  The wedding anthems you wont be able to avoid

Our musical tastes are playing an ever more prominent roll on the big day. You may smoochy dance to “chasing cars” or sign the register with a live lounge/John lewis advert type tune.

Savvy couples are not only giving the red card to cheesy photo poses, they are now telling Cotton Eye’d Joe and his chums to “DO ONE”.

Our Dj (Mickey G…thoroughly recommended by the way) had a long list of what NOT to play. We were up for some “good cheese” (pretty much anything from the 80’s) but i would cringe at hearing horrible Irish boy bands and anything Simon Cowell’s mitts had been on, they were banned. Most good DJ’s would accommodate your requests and i would thoroughly recommend you doing the same.

wedding dance

At the modern day wedding, our trusty DJ has filled the “Shania Twain” type hole with the modern wedding anthem, These are songs that the oldies are comfortable shimmying and “dad dancing” to, they are loved by the younger guests, and tolerated by the more discerning music lover.

wedding dance evening reception

So according to extensive research (basically the last weddings i have been to ) here (in no particular order) are the 5 modern anthems you will almost certainly be hearing at every wedding you attend this year

1) Mark Ronson – Valerie / uptown funk

2) Pharell Williams – Happy

3) Maroon 5 – Moves like jagger

4) Daft Punk – get lucky  

5) Robin Thicke – blurred lines

Also ever present : Black eyed peas – I gotta feeling, scissor sisters – i dont feel like dancing , and king of the first dance by a million miles is ed sheeran’s thinking out loud

So, next time you are at a wedding, have a little game of “wedding tune bingo” down a shot as the dj drops each one, i guarantee you will be suitably merry…all together now… “why don’t you come on over vaaaaaleeerrriiiieeee”

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