My Day With You

Woo hooo! Congratulations! The question has been popped and its all systems go…

I’ll spare you the usual blurb found on the majority of wedding photographer websites, I’ll just give you a quick intro and run down of my day with you:

I will arrive a couple of hours before the wedding ceremony at the venue where the blushing bride & her besties are getting ready, where there will be lots of butterfly bellies, excitement and anticipation.

Then throughout the day I will mingle amongst you all to snap those magical moments, grabbing all those cheeky grins, bear hugs, belly laughs, lumps in the throat… all the treasured memories, so you can remember the day like it was yesterday.

Nobody likes a bossy boots wedding photographer… My style is unobtrusive and relaxed… and I promise not to keep you from the bubbly by arranging endless group shots and cheesy poses of the pair of you poking your head around a tree… this is about telling the story of your big day.

All the images will then be professionally and individually edited in my signature style, and popped online to your own private gallery, so you can relive your wedding day by logging in while on honeymoon.

There is also a facility for guests to order, view slideshows & receive FREE Facebook ready to go images sent to them.

You will then receive a memory stick containing ALL the pictures I have taken throughout the day, these have been edited (with all the finer touches and effects added) and are of high resolution & printable.

Memory Stick Photos

I could also compile you a gorgeous, supreme quality Photobook, with a large selection of the images meticulously compiled and designed to your exact specifications.


Price wise, I offer bespoke quotes & am always open to discussion. Midweek weddings are usually discounted but generally you will be looking at around a £799 outlay for me to cover your big day, and an extra £280 for the extended evening coverage.

Hopefully this website will give you a feel for what I can offer so do have a nose around, and if you wanna natter about your requirements, please do get in touch.

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Kirstie & Joe